Are there cats in your yard? under your porch?

YOU can help the cats in your community by practicing and advocating TNR - Trap, Neuter, Retur.

  • Loan out a humane trap
  • Cats are trapped in the humane trap (they don't get hurt)
  • Cats are taken to a spay/neuter clinic - very low cost, $26 per cat.
  • Cats are spay/neutered, rabies vaccinated, & eartipped.
  • Cats recover overnight in the trap
  • Cats are returned to the exact same place where they were trapped
  • Cats are given shelter, then fed and watered daily.

Our dog Dundee Boy finds cats and kittens in need of help all the time - and we fix them up and find them new homes. Your donation/payment will help with these expenses. To learn more about Dundee Boy go to or find him on Facebook - search: Dundee Boy Pina 

Feral cats need to be spay/neutered

Dog Template Feral cats can be a nuisance if their colonies aren't managed. Cats living outdoors band together to form groups called colonies.

By spaying/neutering the cats you are improving their health and welfare. Spaying/neutering reduces their risk of cancer. Spayed female cats stop having litters of kittens. Once male cats are neutered the smell of their urine is greatly reduced. The male cats will also stop fighting once neutered - they calm down significantly.


Need Help?

PAWS Chicago & Tree House Humane Society offer workshops for you to learn how to Trap, Neuter, and Return - the workshops are called "Helping Community Cats"- click here to check the schedule.

Call PAWS Chicago at 773-475-9410

Call Tree House Humane Society at 773-784-5488 ext 229

Traps can be loaned out at both locations.


Microchipping Feral Cats

Microchipping feral cats saves their life in Cook County, IL